Whole house and small commercial applications ultrafiltration system with the best features of the full-fledged industrial UF systems. Removes mechanical impurities down to 0.01 micron including colloidal particles, bacteria, viruses, organic macromolecules from municipal and local water supply systems. Serves great as a first step to whole-home RO system and significantly extends the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Unlimited stable water supply 24/7
The AQUAPHOR AP.UF-2000 system maintains a constant flow of clean water even during the process of automatic membranes backwash. The computer-controlled system fully regulates the process and guarantees the same volume of water while the system is in operation.

Automatic full backwash
The UF polysulfone hollow-fiber membranes get full-fledged multiple backwashes within the home application the same way as within the large commercial UF solution.

Precision in pressure monitoring
The system features four pressure sensors for highly accurate tracking of the “health” of the membranes to keep them work at its maximum potential.

Optional turbo mode
Allows manual boost of the filtration rate for a limited period of time, precisely when it is needed. At the same time safety of the membranes stays under control.


Home UF system with premium features of the commercial model

AQUAPHOR Ultrafiltration system is a complete point-of-entry (PoE) water purification system for household and small commercial applications. Despite its moderate capacity of 0.5-2 m³/h, the system was developed to bring premium features one can find in the industrial-scale installations with non-stop clean water delivery.


Features of AP.UF-2000

Basic Equipment

Four 5 m2 hollow-fiber UF membranes

Microcontroller with 2.8" LCD touch-screen

5 bar inlet pressure stabilizer

50 L pressure accumulator working at 6 bar with 100 GHP (gallons per hour) booster pump

6 m³/h, 100 micron disk pre-filter

Four 5 bar precision pressure sensors